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  • We have updated information on property prices and value in New Zealand. Our information is instantly updated based on multiple factors.
  • We are working with experienced experts in this industry to evaluate your housing value.
  • By effectively and knowledge base communicating with our customers, we try to find out the real value of their property.

How it Works!

Step 1. Go to appraisals page, fill up the form and provide your contacts.

Step 2. We will call and visit the property by a registered Real Estate professional qualified.

Step 3. You will receive a market analysis or (CMA) from a Real Estate professional.


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Start by entering a few details of your property and you’ll be provided with a no obligation Market Appraisal specific to the unique features and condition of your property.

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You will receive information on similar properties in your area so that you are fully informed of the local market pricing. if you want a quick information, just contact us.

Professional Agents

We have experienced and accurate agents ready to provide you with all the information you need to market your property for sale. Just fill the Appraisals form and we will contact you!

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